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Service Management Software

Tesseract Service Centre Core Components

Customer Assets

Total management of Multiple Customer Installations.

Call Control
Powerful call handling system.
Repair Centre
Controlled job reporting for single or multiple workshops.
Parts Centre
Multi-location inventory and stock control system.
Quote Centre
Prepare quotes that convert to a contract when the quote is accepted.
Remote Engineer Access
Full information flow directly between engineers and Service Centre.
Invoicing Module
Invoice from contract maintenance charges and billable calls.
Meter Billing
Fully integrated meter collection and invoicing.
Prospect Centre
Powerful sales enquiry and action follow-up system.

Service Center Product Features

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KPS Knowledge Powered Solutions

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Service Driven
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Case studies in your industry sector

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Tesseract's Service Centre System - The prescription for TDI's service success!
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Service Centre Software helps Group 4 Technology stay in control.

Service Centre 5.
A true end-to-end web product. Developed using Microsoft.Net technology, SC 5.0 is a browser based software supporting a range of databases and allowing for a 'zero footprint client'.

Case studies in your
industry sector:

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Technical Dynamics Inc. (TDI) Inova
TDI Inova Case Study PDF

Tesseract’s service centresystem - the prescription for TDI’s service success!

Inova Technical Dynamics Inc. (TDI), the specialist provider of biomedical and radiology maintenance services to leading healthcare facilities in the greater Northern Virginia area, is to install Tesseract USA's browser-based Service Center service management system to generate savings and efficiency gains in every aspect of its equipment maintenance operation.

According to director Roger Viani: "Not only will Service Center allow our service engineers to have increased access to current, live data but we will also have improved documentation since our technicians will be directly entering the data into the system. As a result, there will be fewer errors in documentation and billing will therefore improve."

"The new service software will also generate improved resource utilization since some staff responsibilities will shift. We will see improved workflow and much less replication, as well as less paperwork traffic and increased overall efficiency."

Providing around 100 care facilities, physician offices and clinics with a range of services, TDI's operations also embrace four of the hospitals of its parent company, Inova Health System.

With two clinical engineers and around 35 biomedical engineers and radiology service coordinators, TDI's remote actions are currently recorded by field engineers using a paper-based system. The information is then 're-entered' by administrative staff, using several databases and software applications necessary to complete the required operational and business functions.

After deciding to upgrade the operation, Tesseract's Service Center was chosen by TDI because of its comprehensive asset management capability, "where service order entry is so straightforward" says Roger Viani. He continues: "It was the system's sub-contractor/vendor contract functionality that was most appealing, since this addresses a large part of our business, which no other software application did nearly as well as Service Center."

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Clients comment...

"It was the system's sub-contractor/vendor contract functionality that was most appealing, this addresses a large part of our business, which no other software application did nearly as well as Service Center."

Roger Viani - TDI Inova

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